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Detailed Guide On Choosing A College Essay Topic

Did you know that admission essay topic choosing can make writing your paper in half easier? Yes, it is principal to choose from hundreds of fascinating topics that help you show your best side and apply to your dream college.

As soon as you choose the topic, you may tell us: “Write an essay for me“. If you want to do it all by yourself instead, there is a detailed guide below.

It would be easier to provide you with a list of such 100 college essay topics, but our goal is to teach you how to navigate this matter. Therefore, it is better to explain what students should pay attention to when choosing a topic and how important it is for their future. Here, you will find detailed guides on how to choose a college essay topic in the right way. Here goes!

What Is A Perfect College Essay Topic?

So, what a perfect admission essay topic should be? Answering this question, let’s think about why you should write an admission assignment. That’s right – it’s your ticket to the new students’ life. You must reproduce an indelible impression on the reader as an intelligent applicant and a highly moral, sincere person. Other essays are aimed at testing your knowledge or contributing to the expression of your own opinion. Anyway, no matter what kind of work you have to write, several features unify all great topics.

  1. A topic that requires introspection. It will allow you to get acquainted with you in absentia. Plus, the best example for confirming or refuting something is the reference to your behavior, actions, and thoughts. Choose a topic in which you can describe your position from the view of all your feelings related to it.
  2. Fascinating. Remember that a reader should not get bored getting familiar with your paper. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to topics about which there is something to say and where there is something to surprise the tutor.
  3. Sincere. As seen, without honesty, nothing will work. Therefore, choose a topic in which you can sincerely share your opinion and understanding.
  4. Soleness. To be accurately remembered by university representatives, you need to choose a non-standard, deep topic.
  5. Independence. In this essay, you must express the opinion of young people in your person. Therefore, it is important to choose a field where you can do it best.
  6. Meaningful. Your essay will matter when the topic touches on some urgent global issue.

We imagine your confusion when you have to choose one theme from several hundred and guess with it. Therefore, to understand how to choose a topic for a college essay, ask yourself the following:

5 questions to ask yourself

Is this topic core for society and me personally?Do I have a relevant background that I can refer to as an example?Will that topic help me go beyond the competition and impress readers?Do I need to search additionally for material, or do I already have all the knowledge to describe the issue?Will I be able to come up with something new to enhance this material?

By answering them, it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

How To Come Up With A Topic? 

We can offer an alternative way on how to choose a topic for a college application essay. Create it yourself! This is even better since uniqueness here will be guaranteed.

But how to do it if I can’t choose one among a variety of existing topics? – you might ask. No worries! We have a few tips on how to create the best topic ever.

Think back to your experienceWhat would you like to tell the college representatives and what situation could show you the best?
Evaluate the existing examplesDetermine what you like or dislike about them
Form a visionHow should your topic look and what it should be related to?

As seen, it’s enough to make a small brainstorming and a unique essay topic ready.

Everything you just read is nothing more than lists of tips you should pay attention to when wondering about how to choose a college essay topic when you’re boring. Below you can find some real tips and instructions on how to find the best essay topic ever. So, are you ready to move on?

Think About Defining Moments In Your Life

It’s good that you don’t have to invent anything from scratch. We have already prepared a list of leading questions that will push you to create a real masterpiece. All of them concern you as a person so that it is easier to support your point of view with a real experience. So, let’s see what can help you.

  1. Remember your happiest memory. Why do you evaluate it this way? What did surround you, and how did you feel at that moment?
  2. Remember your saddest memory. Would you like to change the course of events? What lesson have you learned from that circumstance?
  3. What is the most important decision in your life? Did it difficult or easy for you to accept it? What did you guide by, and what outcomes did you simulate?
  4. Was it such that some decision influenced your life, but you were not involved in making it? How exactly did it affect? How would you like to make a difference?
  5. Have you ever experienced extremely stressful and scary situations? If so, how did you manage to survive them? What motivated you to move on, and how did such events affect your worldview?
  6. When did you first feel like an adult in your life? What contributed to it? Did that feeling scare you or give you confidence?
  7. What do you consider being your greatest achievement in life? Why does it make you proud of yourself?

These questions are the basis for any successful essay topic you can generate.

Examples to make sure this technique works

Example 1. Answering the question about the happiest memory, you can write the paper “Hiking in the mountains with my family: a test of strength and a source of happiness” or “How flying on a paraglider made me happy.”

Example 2. Let’s say you decide to talk about your most important decision in life. A suitable topic here might be “How a rapid decision to travel on my own changed my life.”

Example 3. Perhaps you have been a victim of negative circumstances and would like to share how they impressed you. Then the appropriate topic would be something like “I am a victim of violence. And this is not a shame.”

Remember Influential People

You also can create a suitable topic based on your attitude towards people important to you. If you want to move on in this direction, pay attention to the following questions. Perhaps they will inspire you with great ideas.

  1. What parent or guardian do you most resemble? How is such similarity manifested, and do you like it?
  2. Who of your ancestors significantly influenced your life? What is the nature of this influence? Do you want to be like your relative? What conditions did he/she live in? How is his/her world different from yours?
  3. What teacher did you have the greatest difficulties in interacting with? Why? How did you deal with it?
  4. Is there any sentence you have remembered for the rest of your life? Under what circumstances did you hear it, and why did it impress you?
  5. Which friend would you like to swap places with? 
  6. If you could spend one day with a real or fictional person to learn something, who would it be? Under what circumstances did you first find out about this person? What could this person teach you? How would this person react to you?
  7. Do you know someone whose life is more difficult than yours? Why do you think so? Have you tried to help this person cope with difficulties?

And already traditionally, let’s consider how you can

Transform the answers to these questions

Example # 1. Answering the question about the phrase that you have heard and remembered for the rest of your life, you can create an excellent topic like “It will only get better. Why words of support have become my credo.”

Example # 2. Thinking about challenging relations with your teacher, you could write something like, “Conservatism is not always a good thing. How I defended my right to individuality at school”.

Example #3. Well, for sure you would always like to swap places with your best friend, at least for a day. Share your thoughts with readers, writing a paper on the topic “Why it would be useful for me to swap places with my friend Jack.” By the way, the topic should not result from answering one question. In this essay, you can also reveal Jack’s family dysfunctionality, if so (that is, answer the last question), and describe your desire to change places by trying to help the friend.

Recreate Important Times Or Places

Memories of times and places you have visited during your life are a great source of inspiration for essay topic writing. If you prefer this direction, try answering the questions below.

  1. Did you feel 100% immersed in your work and lose track of time? If so, what task got you so deeply involved? Did you like this condition, and do you know how to achieve it consciously?
  2. Where do you dream most often? Why does that place affect you so much? Do you often stay there, or, on the contrary, avoid it? Why?
  3. Which time of day do you like the most? 
  4. What place in your house or flat is your favorite one? What do you like there?
  5. Would you like to have a day in your life repeated an unlimited number of times? If so, what for: to relive triumph repeatedly or to fix some serious mistake? What would that experience give you?
  6. What advice would you give yourself to your youngest if you could go back in time? How would this affect your alternative behavior?

Now see what your thoughts might look like

Example # 1. Let’s take the first question and think about what makes you become totally focused. You can write a paper on the topic “Why writing makes me lose touch with reality.”

Example #2. Great question about which time of the day you like the most and why. Take it as a base and create something like “10 Reasons Why I Love Morning”.

Example #3. By the way, no one forbids you to go from the opposite. Take the last question, for example. There you should tell what advice you would give yourself if you went back in time. But you can write an essay on “Why I don’t regret anything in my life” and explain that you don’t have to go back in time to fix mistakes because they made you who you are.

Provoking Questions 

And what are the topics for an essay without provocative questions concerning the problems of society, the environment, internal conflict, etc.? Here are some guiding questions to help you decide on the topic for the perfect paper.

  1. Imagine you take a Mulligan. What one thing will you do? Would you repeat the same thing you had done earlier or change it?  
  2. If you could go back to the moment when you tried something for the first time in your life, what would it be, something good or bad? Would you like to change that?
  3. What thing about yourself would you never want to change? Why is being yourself important to you?
  4. What are the preferences that make you feel like a black sheep? Why don’t you renounce them?
  5. What’s your biggest fear? Is it justified? Do you think that you should be afraid of something much more than you are?
  6. What valuable item would you surely take in case of danger? Why does this thing matter to you?
  7. What kind of talent would you like to have and why?
  8. Which of the traditions that you observe are you going to pass on to your children, and which are not? Why?

Let’s see the examples

Example # 1. If you liked the question about what you would try or not the first time again, and you have or had some bad habits, you can write an essay on the topic “I would never try to smoke if I knew what it will end. “

Example # 2. Or let’s talk about minority issues. If you belong to one of them, why not write about your position in an essay on the topic like “I support the LGBT community, and I am proud of it”.

Example # 3. For some, the problem of talent is principal. Perhaps you are just that kind of person. Share your feelings with readers by creating an essay, “Why 50% talent in the drawing isn’t everything. How I became an artist using 100% perseverance.”

Find A Trait Or Characteristic And Trace It Back

Finally, the direction to create a worthy essay topic is to pay attention to people’s characters and traits. Let’s see what questions will help in this case.

  1. In what three words could you describe yourself? Why did you choose these characteristics? 
  2. How would your best friend or parents describe you? Why do you think so?
  3. What can you do better than anyone else in the world? Who taught you to do it, and did you do something to succeed in this activity?
  4. Imagine that you become a famous person in the future. Thanks to what skills and qualities could this happen? What area could your activity be related to?
  5. What do you like about yourself the most and why? How has this personality trait or appearance helped you in life?

We suggest going straight to the examples

Example # 1. If you liked the first question, you could write a paper on the topic “A few words about me: good sense of humor, creative nature, boundless love for life.”

Example #2. Choosing question 3, get ready to create something like “Why I think cooking is my strong side.”

Example #3. Talking about what trait you love in yourself the most, write an essay on the topic “Why I love my fortitude”.

Now you know the answer to the question of how to choose a topic for a college application essay. Best of all, create it on your own because a suitable topic is half the battle. 

We hope that the above tips have inspired you for smart ideas, and you already have a dozen topics created on the fly. Well, let’s deal with them. We suggest you write them down immediately so as not to forget anything. And then – decide on the favorite. Cross out any topics that you think do not meet the requirements of this article. From the rest, pick the topic, which will be meaningful, full of young community voice, and will allow you to be honest with your readers. 

Good luck!