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How long is an essay?

So, you’ve got an essay coming up and are wondering, “how long is an essay?” While we cannot give you a definite answer, we can tell you that It depends on a few things, including the:

  • Level
  • Subject
  • Guidelines 
  • Special requirements as assigned by your instructor

Before running off and just writing and stopping when you feel like it, strike up a conversation with your teacher and see what he/she has to say about how long is an essay supposed to be? It would be best if you included a question about spacing and format as well, making sure you don’t write more or less than you need to. 

If your teacher made a specific instruction on an essay length, stop warring and ask us – write my essay for me.

How long is each type of essay?

Different types of essays have different average lengths, all of which depend on the class and the topic you need to cover. So, how long is an average essay? A few of the most typical averages for different grade levels are listed below. 

High Schoolyou’re likely to be asked to write a more basic style of essay. The normal skeleton consists of an intro, conclusion, and supporting body paragraphs in the middle that defend your idea or support your topic.300-1000 words
College Admission.This type of essay is a bit shorter but needs creative, fun, and captive content.200-650 words
Undergraduate College EssayAs an undergrad, your essay topics and length will depend on your major.1500-5000 words
Graduate School Admissions You can think of this as a lengthy personal statement 500-1000 words
Graduate School EssayIn graduate school, it’s common to create research papers that dive into subjects.2500-6000 words
Middle schoolIt depends.Anything from 200 to 1000 words

How long is an essay part by part?

A big mistake that many students make is over- or underwriting a section. To create a killer essay, everyone should know the average lengths of different parts of an essay. 

First of all, how long is an introduction paragraph for an essay? The intro is basically a summary of what you’ll be telling your readers. You’ll need to summarize your main idea and points, making it as fun and entertaining as possible. To get this done effectively, shoot for no more than 150 words. A common question among students is, “how long is a thesis statement in an essay?” The answer is one sentence, though most think that is crazy. It needs to be powerful and effective and have your main idea within. 

After the introduction comes the body, which is the majority of the paper. The word count of the supporting points in your essay depends on the required length. Usually, the more in-depth the research is needed, the longer your essay will be, going up to 3000 words in some works. 

Finally, how long is a conclusion in an essay? The ending is also a quick summary of your entire essay, generally requiring around 200 words. 

The longer an essay is, the more complex it should be

One common misconception among all writers is that more extended essays are more complex. This is not the case. More in-depth arguments generally contribute to complexity in writing with lots of details and support.

Complex works need for the development of an idea, usually requiring exact wording. In some cases, these works come without a word count, with professors looking for quality over quantity. Some long essays are very long and have many extra words where writers just try to reach a word count without caring about the paper’s substantiality.

What if I don’t get enough words?

How long is an essay usually? This question often bothers students who can’t generate enough content to complete an assignment. Sometimes, writers think they get all their ideas down and then realize their word count is way off. If you are still a bit short, here are some tips to adding more relevant words:  

Add more evidence

The first place to start is within your findings. Make sure that you have explained them well and added concrete evidence that is understandable. 

Go in-depth over each example 

How long is an essay in paragraphs? It depends on the assignment. If you have been assigned to a 5-paragraph essay, your task is to write three body paragraphs, an intro, and a conclusion. But even if your essay is larger, make sure to make each paragraph substantial. If you’ve provided examples, make sure you are going in-depth. You’ll need to be able to add support for your examples and explain them in detail. 

Introduce a new perspective 

If you have reached about and still are missing a few words, introduce a new perspective. Venture away from your point and look at the other side. 

Don’t use fluff

One of the worst things in wiring is word fluff. If you’re constantly adding unnecessary words, your grade could go down the drain. Take out all the fluff and get to your point. 

Quality over quantity 

Overall, the most important thing to remember is it’s not how much you write that matters; it’s what you write. Make sure anything you add is quality.

What if my essay is too long?

Not all essays fall short. Some are way too wordy and come with a lot of unnecessary verbiages. Perhaps worse than adding too few words is adding too many, sometimes taking away from the effect of your argument. Remember, you want to provide quality, cutting out all of the rest so you can get to your point.  

Take our irrelevant points 

A trick for this is if you’re asking, “how long is too long for a paragraph in an essay?” then it’s probably too long. Create small and effective paragraphs that get to the point without going overboard with additional words that don’t matter. 

Go for the body 

If you have to cut words, go for the body first. The intro and conclusion of a paper are its backbone and should only be cut in emergencies. 

Keep only what’s necessary 

If you have an idea that your paper can live without, take it out. As long as you get to your point, then you can forget all the rest and leave those that create the strongest argument in your paper. 

Avoid meandering

If you notice that you’re going off on tangents, stop. Practice this when getting a feel for how long is an sat essay last so that you can get the hang of the time. SATs are essential, sometimes being the deciding factor for college admissions. Thus, it’s essential to focus on the assignment’s word count and keep to it strictly. Otherwise, you risk grade reduction for neglect of the task’s details.