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Students of many majors get assigned this particular task. Let’s begin this article with a definition. Such an essay presupposes examining certain items. These may easily be objects, ideas, or even people. What do you need to do here? Track similarities first and proceed to analyze (basically, contrast) differences.

Longing to know how to write a compare and contrast essay? Then read on without hesitation! 

Choose the Subject

Unless the tutor’s guidelines stipulate and drive a subject, this stage is of crucial importance. Indeed, a great choice may lead to an amazing paper – or a complete disaster!

Want to know the ins and outs of how to write a good compare and contrast essay? Some points are to be kept in mind. Basically, a learner is to come up with a set of topics, not just one item. Still, some uniting categories should still connect the two. Browse our list of samples below!

1. Social media or Internet detox

2. Human customer support or chatbots

3. TV networks or streaming services

4. Natural looks or plastic surgery

5. Music or lyrics

6. Strict or adoptive lockdowns

7. Remote or office work

8. 5 or 4-days working week

9. Part-time job or exclusive studying at college

10. Saving money or spending money.

Write Down Differences and Similarities

Crucial things that are common for your chosen items should definitely be jotted down. Moreover, the same applies to stuff that distinguishes things. Ever heard of a technique by the name Venn diagram?

We bet that you all have seen it once or some dozen times in life. Maybe you just haven’t heard the name for a diagram consisting of overlapping spheres. Anyway, mentioning shared traits and completely different characteristics is nothing new. 

Let’s try doing it with remote and office work subjects. If we were to write or, rather, draw, two spheres, the overlapping materials would probably include:

  • working hours;
  • communications with a team;
  • set of tasks.

However, there will be some things that won’t overlap – from cooler talks for the office to no commute time in case of remote work. Try the same tactics with other subjects and you’ll see how fruitful it may turn out to be!

State an Argument

Many learners think simply mentioning what’s similar and what differs your thematic choices will do the job. Well, don’t be so sure.

So, how to write a thesis for a compare and contrast essay? Ordinarily, some in-depth research should supersede everything else. Then, ask yourself an important question. What all these findings that I know now prove about the topic?

Your answer to this question should serve as the main argument. From it you can proceed to delve into the issue of a thesis, right?

Choose the Way to Structure Your Essay

The good news here – you can approach writing this piece at least in two ways. First, you can choose a good old object-point way. Conversely, you’ll take one item at a time. The characteristics must also be there, though.

For instance, we’ll be choosing laptops and tablets. A legit question is – how to write an introduction for a compare and contrast essay?

Firstly, you’ll indicate the very topic. Secondly, you’ll stop to appreciate the similarities between the two (great devices for remote work, lighter than PC, mobility, etc.) Then, you’ll focus on laptops exclusively and mention some of their characteristics. Say something like – these are smaller types of computers, tend to have a more solid setup. Most items prove more convenient when it comes to typing, among other activities. Afterward, you’ll proceed to cover tablets. You’ll probably indicate their size, weight, and other features.

Another way to approach the task is by sticking to point by point outline. Choosing this direction, you’ll write the first sentence as something like this: “Indeed, laptops are more common choices among tech majors. Yet, tablets can substitute the latter in a matter of a few years.” Then, concentrate on a certain inherent feature (for instance, mobility or weight) and cover it relating to tablets and laptops.

Yet another good point sets in. How to write a conclusion for a compare and contrast essay? Why don’t reinstate the very thesis? This tactic will prove to work for many writing tasks. 

Also, never ever disregard outlines. Though for many it is a preparatory state. You may easily neglect it, yes. Still, knowing how to write a compare and contrast essay outline will bring about a better paper! Go as below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mentioning similarities
  3. Laptops – Point 1 (Mobility)
  4. Laptops – Point 2 (OS)
  5. Tablets – Point 1 (Speed)
  6. Tablets – Point 2 (Weight)
  7. Analysis of differences
  8. Conclusion

Add More Evidence

What’s really crucial for academic writing? Many things. Complementing what you write with solid examples and evidence will bear fruit. Seeking how to write compare and contrast essay example? Check what’s below!

1) Imagine needing to write about different kinds of home pets (this is a common theme among high schoolers), never hesitate to share some personal insight. Adding some anecdotes will only boost your essay.

2) If tasked with comparing the writing styles of different writers, say, Margaret Atwood and Joan Rowling, mention both the literary critics’ thoughts and some real quotes from the works by these women.

However, keep in mind that you should add relevant info exclusively. Yet, every additional point must remain in the context of a larger argument.

Add Specific Transitional Words

This particular trick will benefit everyone eager to know how to write a good compare and contrast essay. Having a bunch of transitional words in mind and on paper will reflect positively on your performance – at least with writing assignments.

If you can’t call yourself the polyglot with knowledge of Merriam Webster from cover to cover, here are some musts:

  • likewise;
  • similarly;
  • nonetheless;
  • whereas, etc.

Throwing an applicable transitional word in a few sections will make your piece a truly enjoyable read.

Revise Carefully

Here goes the final – yet no less important than others – step. Once you are through with writing itself, allocate some time for revision. First, ensure that all items are equally covered.

Moreover, you are to double-check the logical flow between different parts. Lastly, ask yourself – haven’t I forgotten about any significant characteristics? Are all the required things covered? Once you have it all in one place it’s time to push the “Submit” button!