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How to Write Argumentative Essay For A+

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Before you start writing, you must understand what argumentative writing entails and what you want to achieve at the end of the paper.

What is an argumentative essay? It is a research paper that presents valid arguments and evidence in support of a particular debate. Usually, writers tend to select controversial issues that sway the readers to agree with their perspective. It is also a persuasive essay since the writer convinces the readers about their viewpoint after presenting and arguing two sides of the issue.

Moreover, students must carry out comprehensive research to collect valid evidence for their arguments. Knowing how to argue and present factual information is essential in achieving an argumentative paper’s primary objective. 

This article aims to help you understand everything you need to know about an argumentative essay and tips to write a persuasive paper.

When Do We Write an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative writing entails thorough research on a particular topic. You must collect and evaluate concrete evidence through various options, such as interviews, experiments, or surveys. It is a common essay type that tutors often students as part of a mandatory evaluation exercise. 

Unlike a standard essay, you must have a proper structure that will contain your arguments as per the required academic standards. Furthermore, take enough time to pick a topic that captivates the readers to agree with your perspective. You need to develop your arguments through logic and reason to attain effectiveness.

The following are ideas for argumentative essay topics that students can use:

  • Is it morally upright for minors to buy birth control without parental consent?
  • Should churches pay government taxes?
  • Is the death penalty viable in today’s society?
  • What is the impact of social media on human society – positive or negative?
  • Are GMOs good or bad for human consumption?
  • Is animal testing a violation?
  • Why YouTube content should be regulated.
  • Should commercial sex workers be legalized?
  • Are humans the leading cause of climate change?
  • Is marijuana beneficial to human beings?

You can search other argumentative essay examples online to understand the structure and format. They will help you to compose a communicative essay.

How To Start An Argumentative Essay?

After topic selection, ensure you have the appropriate argumentative essay outline. It will guide you on what is expected in each section. Before you embark on writing, research and understand how to start an argumentative essay.

First, develop a thesis statement that aligns with your subject. It sets a strong foundation for your arguments and prevents the audience from shifting the discussion in their favor. Follow up with background information to inform the readers of the problem you want to address in your paper. Why is the topic important? What are the impacts of not implementing the proposed solutions? 

Ensure you incorporate a hook sentence to capture the readers’ attention. The introduction must be captivating, clear, and concise since you need to keep your readers interested in your final viewpoint. 

An example of an argumentative essay introduction:

Today, learning occurs away from the traditional classroom setup. Students learn financial discipline, business relations, life skills, and much more. Imagine expanding these skills on an international level. Students will explore and increase their perspective beyond the ordinary while embracing diversity in all aspects. That is the reason why college students must travel abroad to study for their undergraduate program. They will achieve immense success than students who study in local universities. 

Developing Your Arguments – Main Rules

If you want to know how to write a persuasive essay, ensure you develop your arguments systematically in the body paragraphs. State the main points concerning the topic and discuss them extensively.

Present each argument clearly and objectively in each paragraph while defending it with concrete evidence.

Incorporate quotes from academic sources and give examples. Also, you can compare previous findings from competent researchers. 

Understanding how to start a persuasive essay will help you develop your arguments logically:

The main rules for presenting your arguments:

  • Write one argument in one paragraph.
  • Don’t undermine your opinion.
  • Use valid evidence.
  • Use logic and reason to convince the readers.
  • Present major points clearly.

An argumentative essay example:

IES Abroad is a corporation that sponsors students to embrace international leadership. If you opt to study abroad through IES, the chances are high for you to enroll in your dream degree program. About 90% of international students get admission to study their first or second option for the undergraduate programs.

Students with experience abroad are more likely to land lucrative jobs globally due to their self-drive and independence. They can express themselves with confidence because of the cultural diversity in various locations abroad. According to IES Abroad statistics, 97% of international students secure lucrative jobs within the first year after graduation. (Smith,2019,p.17)

However, with all the benefits of studying abroad, not all parents can consent to their children traveling abroad for college. Many parents believe that numerous insecurities, high education costs, and distance impact their relationships. That is why they prefer local colleges and universities where they have access to their children.

Conclude Your Argumentative Essay Powerfully

  • The conclusion is the last section of an argumentative essay structure. Incorporate a summary of the main points to remind the readers of the solid arguments.
  • Do not introduce any new arguments or ideas to avoid confusion and doubt. 
  • Propose a recommendation or solution to solve the particular issue.
  • Include rhetoric that asks the readers about the arguments’ impact if the solutions are not implemented.
  • Make a prediction conclusion that warns of dire consequences if the research findings are ignored.

Writing an argumentative essay may be challenging, but a powerful conclusion leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

An example of an argumentative essay conclusion:

 Attending college abroad has numerous benefits and impacts a student’s life positively, both academically and professionally. Life-changing opportunities and major doors will open once a student joins an International institution. Why not send an application to study your dream course today? It all starts with one decision to experience a whole new world.

Toulmin and Rogerian Essay Models

There are different types of an argumentative essay format that students can use to present their arguments:


Here, you must present your arguments and include supporting evidence to validate your points. Then, proceed to justify your evidence and how it is connected to the evidence in question. Though this strategy polarizes topics, it tends to rely on one side with factual information that does not leave any room for opposing arguments.


We should encourage students to study abroad. International universities offer students more opportunities to study their dream course and experience diversity. Moreover, 97% of students who study abroad land jobs immediately after graduating. Learning abroad is one of the best decisions a parent can make to secure their child’s future.


In this format, you must first present the issue while acknowledging the conflicting side. Demonstrate your perspective of the argument and explain in detail why it is significant. It is a practical approach that reveals each side and brings out a clear-cut difference.


While most parents feel insecure about allowing their children to study abroad, their fears are normal since they want to protect their children. However, we cannot ignore the numerous benefits that international students will enjoy and the positive impact on their future. 

Tips For Perfect Persuasive Paper

If you follow the guideline above with an excellent argumentative essay template, you will know what content goes into which section. 

Insightful tips on how to write an argumentative essay step by step:

Make your thesis clearYour research must communicate effectively to the target audience without a doubt. Clarity impacts your perspective and makes your stand credible.
Demonstrate the opposing side’s weaknessYou must present your arguments and demonstrate the weakness of the opposing side. It will make your debate stronger, and readers will agree with your final stand.
Use valid evidence to support your opinionEnsure you collect fats to support your opinion. Present the finding logically and clearly to achieve a persuasive essay.
Extensive research Make sure you research both sides of the argument to have the upper hand in convincing the readers. You have to make them understand why you are opposing the other side. Do not allow readers to doubt your analysis with vague arguments.
Include rhetoric questionsApply the rhetoric strategy to leave the readers with deep reflections about the issue. Make them question their perspective in favor of yours. Eventually, they will agree with your standpoint.

Ultimately, an argumentative essay needs in-depth research, valid arguments, and facts to demonstrate the writer’s perspective regarding a controversial topic. Not forgetting a powerful conclusion will persuade the readers to agree with the final point of view.